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Polishing and Smoothing

Polishing and Smoothing
The polishing and the smoothing are very important process steps for the metal surface finishing.
To perform this processing we use waxy substances and abrasive tools such as specific brushes, also called wheels, very fine grain that are maneuvered by special machinery in order to eliminate any imperfection on the material.

Other finishing operations

Ball burnishing:
The ball burnishing process creates a shiny, highly reflective surface. This process is typically done using steel media that yields a cost effective and an attractive finish. Typically the parts will have a shiny, high luster appearance. In addition to polishing the surface of the processed parts ball burnishing also creates a "peening" effect, increasing the surface density which can improve the corrosion resistance of the finished components.
Lamec can develop a proper ball burnishing process that best fits the customer’s requirements.

Robotic finishing cells
The polishing and the brushing is a finishing process during which the rough and opaque surface of the metal turns to shiny and smooth .

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Polishing and Smoothing

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